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Current Students

Guoliang Cao (Ph.D., starting 2007)
Research topic: Reactive transport modeling
Marco Bianchi (Ph.D., starting 2006)
Research topic: Experimental and modeling study of solute transport in aquifers controlled by small-scale preferential flow paths
Song Chen (Ph.D., starting 2005)
Research topic: CO2 sequestration in geological formations
Li Huang (Ph.D., starting 2009)
Research topic: Ecohydrology
Jessa Moser (MS, starting 2009)
Research topic: Sustainability of groundwater resources

Recent Alumni

Daniel Altenburg (MS, 8/1996)
Thesis: Influence of aquifer heterogeneity on aquifer cleanup
Address: ATech Associates, San Francisco, California
Joseph Chandler (MS, 7/2006)
Research Topic: Water resource management in a coastal aquifer system
Address: Vestra Resources, Inc., California
Marlon Cook (MS, 6/1997)
Thesis: Origin and evolution of anomalous hydrogeochemical characters of the Tuscaloosa aquifer system of west-central Alabama
Address: Alabama Geological Survey, Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Chinnathambi "Chinny" Esakkiperumal (MS, 5/2004)
Thesis: Multi-objective remediation system design using genetic algorithms
Address: Idaho National Engineering Laboratory, Washington
C. Erin Feehley (MS, 8/1999)
Thesis: A dual-domain mass transfer approach for modeling solute transport in heterogeneous media: application to the MADE site
Address: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (previously at U.S. Geological Survey, Baltimore, Maryland)
Jiu J. Jiao (Post-doc, 8-10/1996)
Address: Department of Earth Science, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Gaisheng Liu (PhD, 7/2004)
Dissertation: Characterization of decimeter-scale preferential flow paths and their effects on solute transport
Address: Kansas Geological Survey, University of Kansas
Jie Liu (PhD, 6/2007)
Research Topic: Experimental study of solute transport along preferential flow paths
Dissertation: Sustainable management of groundwater resources
Address: Peking University, Beijing, China
Guoping Lu (PhD, 5/2000)
Dissertation: Geological and biological processes in surface water and groundwater systems: field observations and modeling studies
Address: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California
Kendall Rich (MS, 6/2006)
Research Topic: Assessment of Groundwater Resources of Ft. Morgan Peninsula, Alabama
Address: URS, Birmingham, AL 
Erika Rincon (MS, 2008)
Ying Ouyang (Research Scientist, 10/1998-5/1999)
Address: St. John River Water Management District, Florida
J. Blake Snodsmith (MS, 5/1999)
Thesis: Simulation of seawater intrusion, southern Baldwin Country, Alabama
Address: CH2M Hill, Montgomery, Alabama
Sabine Spiessl (Visiting PhD student, 7/2001-5/2002)
Address: Institute of Geology, University of Jena, Germany
Diana J. Sturm (PhD, 12/2000)
Dissertation: Experimental and field assessment of the dual-domain model for describing solute transport in heterogeneous media
Address: Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, Mobile, Alabama
Mingguang Wang (Ph.D., 12/96; Post-doc, 1-4/1997)
Dissertation: Groundwater management and remediation: global optimization models and field applications
Address: Shell Development Company, Houston, Texas
Crystal Wilson (MS, 2008)
Jianfeng Wu (Visiting faculty and post-doc, 7/2002-9/2003)
Address: Department of Earth Sciences, Nanjing University, China
Yan Zhang (MS, 12/1999)
Thesis: Parameter identification using a global optimization approach -- simulated annealing algorithm
Address: HSI GeoTrans Inc., Freehold, New Jersey

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