C. Erin Feehley


I received my Masters degree in Geology from the University of Alabama in August, 1999 working with Dr. Chunmiao Zheng!   My thesis is entitled "A Dual-Domain Mass Transfer Approach for Modeling Solute Transport in Heterogeneous Aquifers: Application to the MADE Site" and is housed in the University of Alabama's library. My thesis research utilizes fractal-based interpolation methods to create hydraulic conductivity fields for simulation of solute transport in porous media. If you want to read more, try my thesis proposal.  A journal article stemming from my thesis work has been written by Dr. Zheng, Dr. Fred Molz, and myself, and submitted to Water Resources Research in April 1999.

Before going to the University of Alabama, I received my undergraduate degree in Environmental Earth Science from Johns Hopkins University in December, 1996.

I am currently working for the Water Resources Division of the US Geological Survey in Baltimore, MD.

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you can email me:cefeehle@usgs.gov

Last revised: June 14, 2001.