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Current and Recent Research Projects

Multi-Scale Mass Transfer Processes Controlling Natural Attenuation and Engineered Remediation: An IFC Focused on Hanford¡¯s 300 Area Uranium Plume
Sustainability of Groundwater Resources in the North China Plain
High-Resolution Dynamic Characterization of Transport Pathways: Providing New Insights into Subsurface Processes
Collaborative Research to Study Solute Transport Influenced by Preferential Flow Paths
Development of multi-species contaminant fate and transport simulator for Department of Defense Groundwater Modeling System
Multifractal scaling of hydraulic conductivity distributions and the effect on plume-scale contaminant transport
Simulation-optimization framework for groundwater resource management and remediation design optimization
Global optimization approach for parameter identification
Simulation of macrodispersion and natural attenuation (MADE and NATS) tests at the Columbus Air Force Base in Mississippi
Abnormal fluid pressures in sedimentary basins

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Last modified: September 01, 2009