Research and Computing Facilities

The Department of Geology is housed in a new $29 million research facility as pictured. The facility, shared with several other departments, provides not only top quality laboratory space, but also state-of-art analytical instrumentation. The Deaprtment is equiped with ample computing facilities, including numerous IBM-compatible and Macintosh personal computers, and Silicon Graphics, Sun SparcStation and IBM RS6000 UNIX workstations. All personal computers and workstations are networked and connected to an IBM mainframe computer on campus and a Cray C94 supercomputer located off-campus at the Alabama Supercomputer Center. A separate Groundwater Modeling Laboratory contains many additional peripherals such as scanners, digitizers and laser printers, and a full array of software packages, including numerous groundwater flow and transport modeling codes, ARC/INFO GIS software, various visualization and data analysis packages, C and FORTRAN compilers, word processing, spreadsheet, and database software. In addition, the Department has many software licenses for IBM RS6000 workstations through the university Higher Education Software Consortium agreement with IBM. The Department has a full time technician responsible for maintenance of the UNIX and personal computer network and a full time draftsperson. The new $9 million Rogers Science and Engineering Library provides first-class educational and research support.

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Last modified: June 14, 2001