MT3DMS Workshop

Background and Purpose

MT3DMS is a new version of the MT3D modular transport model recently completed for the Department of Defense. MT3DMS is unique in that it combines three major classes of transport solution techniques in a single code, namely, the standard finite-difference method; the particle tracking based Eulerian-Lagrangian methods; and the higher-order finite-volume TVD method. Other significant additions include an efficient iterative solver to remove transport stepsize constraints; an option for accommodating nonequilibrium sorption or rate-limited mass transfer between the mobile and immobile domains; and a multi-component program structure that supports more sophisticated biological and geochemical reaction packages.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide an introduction to the key features of MT3DMS and discuss the most effective use of MT3DMS in solving a wide variety of field problems. An emphasis will be on the selection of the most appropriate solution option that offers the best compromise of accuracy and efficiency for a given problem. The participants will have ample opportunities to experiment with the MT3DMS code on actual field examples. Each participants will receive the executable and source code of MT3DMS (including MODFLOW), the complete on-line manual, and the data files of numerous benchmark and example problems.


Chunmiao Zheng

Date and Location

October 4, 1998
International Ground Water Modeling Center (IGWMC)
Colorado School of Mines
Golden, Colorado

For More Information

Phone: (303) 273-3103
Fax: (303) 384-2037

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