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Using Genetic Algorithms for Remediation System Design and Parameter Estimation (5/1997)
Special Session on Model Complexity at AGU 1998 Spring Meeting (5/1998)
MT3DMS Workshop in Conjunction with the MODFLOW'98 Conference (10/1998)
Chunmiao Zheng Presented Meinzer Award Citation for Mary Anderson (10/1998)
Debating Complexity in Groundwater Modeling (3/1999)
An Integrated Global and Local Optimization Approach for Remediation Design (3/1999)
UA Received NSF IGERT Grant Doctoral Programs in Interdisciplinary Freshwater Sciences (8/1999)
Groundwater and Geotechnical Problems -- Call for Papers (6/2000)
Student Opportunities (1/2002)
Collaborative Research to Study Effect of Preferential Flow Paths on Solute Transport (1/2002)
New Tenure Track Faculty Position in Hydrogeology (8/2002)
MODFLOW and More 2003: An International Conference on Groundwater Modeling (9/2003)
Hydrogeology Student News (12/2003)
Geochemical & Reactive Transport Modeling Course: PHREEQC, MT3DMS, PHT3D (8/2005)
Field Demonstration of Remediation System Design Optimization
MT3DMS/PHREEQC-2 Based Reactive Multicomponent Transport Modeling
MODFLOW and MORE 2006 International Conference: May 22-24, 2006
Reactive Transport Modeling Short Course, November 2006, South Africa
Integrative Graduate Education Research Training (IGERT) Doctoral Program
Applied Reactive Transport Modeling, Ferrara, Italy, June 9-13, 2008
MODFLOW and MORE 2008: Ground Water and Public Policy
ModelCARE 2009, Wuhan, China, September 20-23, 2009
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