American Geophysical Union
1998 Spring Meeting

May 26-29, 1998
Boston, Massachussetts

H22   Groundwater Models: How Much Complexity Is Warranted?
Recent advances in computer hardware and software should result in commensurate increases in our ability to simulate the natural world. However, this increased capability has resulted in more time being expended constructing complex models. Often such effort can reduce the time spent on testing conceptual models and understanding the hydrogeology. These developments provide the setting for a session that asks the question: "Are we really improving our understanding of the systems being simulated?" Contributions are sought from both code developers and users to discuss recent advances in groundwater modeling, associated problems and solutions.

Conveners: Randy Hunt, US Geological Survey, 8505 Research Way, Middleton, WI 53562, Phone: +1-608-821-3847, Fax: +1-608-821-3817, E-mail:; and Chunmiao Zheng, Department of Geology, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487, Phone: +1-205-348-0579, Fax: +1-205-348-0818, E-mail: